It has been a few weeks since I’ve touched the pages of this blog.  I could say it’s because I’ve been busy and that would be true to a degree…I’ve been busy reacquainting myself with my children after a very long year of being tied up with studies, I’ve been busy galavanting through the natural beauty of the province I live in, I’ve been busy reconnecting with friends whom get neglected when the chaos of school and extra-curricular takes priority, I’ve been busy, busy, busy.


I love blogging.  I love journalling. It gives me a chance to look back and see where I’ve been, how my journey has unfolded and perhaps give me insight into where I’m headed.  But there are times that life goes quiet.  I contemplated an update about how life was going in our home earlier in the summer but it seemed a bit silly to spend time sitting in front of a blank screen and imagine some important words to share when really life has been pretty average.


Okay “average” makes it sound like we’ve done nothing and that’s not entirely true.  James and I navigated an across the world trip for 12 days that was amazingly successful and enjoyed that opportunity immensely.  Our children survived and even more than enjoyed their time with both sets of grandparents.  We’ve done some pretty cool small trips with our kids this summer.  I took the kids to Whistler at for a few days with friends and we enjoyed the sights of a magnificent piece of nature that I haven’t seen in 13 years.  The six of us also headed to Seattle for a day and night for a Mariners game and to stay in a hotel.  It was only one night but our kids were ecstatic to have our attention for 48 hours and the thrill of a hotel with a pool never seems to lose its appeal.  We did the PNE for a day and I took the kids back to Whistler with my parents to experience the peaks of those beautiful mountains.  We stayed in “our own backyard”, so to speak, and enjoyed all it had to offer.

We’ve also spent a great deal of time with family, cousins and friends just basking in the glorious weather and the joy of being spontaneous!  Sleepovers, BBQs, bowling, swimming, etc. have been incredibly fabulous.


As our summer has drawn to a close we’ve faced some serious uncertainty!  Many families on our side of the Coast are in the same boat.  The usual anticipation, anxiety, and excitement has turned to a seemingly endless summer.  While my kids are not really upset by the whole situation, I feel the wearing on them and the need of return to routine.  We’re trying to make the best of a situation that appears to have no end.  A return to the routine of extra-curricular activities, the addition of a few “educational” endeavors at home and the hope that school will return to regular session VERY soon.

As we get back to some of the normal things we do I’m hoping to add a few more thoughts to my blog!  Share some of the joys of parenting, marriage and eventually joys of my new journey of teaching.

I am up and running with this new, AMAZING site my very talented husband has crafted for me!  I am so thankful for the gifts he’s been given and the creative way his mind works.  I am even more thankful that he took the time to create this for me as a way of showing his support for my crazy ramblings!  Thanks hon…YOU ROCK!

Hopefully we’ve worked out most of the kinks already but just in case we’ll do our best to tweak as we go.  My blogger site should automatically redirect you should you happen across it, but it’s not as smooth as James would like!  Regardless I’m very happy with the outcome and will be posting from here from now on:)

So this is our kitten (Thanks again Rob and Andy) and she seems to enjoy food but at the same time have some serious problems eating it. I always thought cats were the neatest creatures alive but it appears we got the exception. My friend, Heather, tells me kittens are actually quite messy and although that should make me feel better I still don’t particularly enjoy cleaning cat food off a cat.

So in the first one she managed to just get one front paw dirty but by the time she was halfway through eating she figured it was better to just climb on in!!

Well at least I know she’s getting food in her. She’s always getting way more active and playful. We don’t have to feed her from dropper (thank goodness because that was getting old) and she now uses the litter box without having to be shown where it is. I guess we’ll be moving from one baby to the next around here.

On a much cuter note here is the my little ladybug. Grandma could not resist the really great deal and cute outfit at Winner’s and I have to agree that it was definitely a good choice. So this will be Lanae’s halloween costume this year and Baby Girl’s in the following years. It’s also just fun to dress up in from time to time in the “pitty dess” as Lanae fondly refers to it.

So here are a few pictures I wanted to share that were kind of fun.

First of course is the beautiful growth of our dear little Annika! She is still a quiet little one, which remains to be seen if that’s truly her character or just a trick for mommy to enjoy now! I am 28 weeks along which leaves 12 weeks of countdown until her due date. If she follows the same pattern as my other three we should be welcoming her closer to 11 weeks (maybe in time for Thanksgiving)!

Here is a picture of Lanae and I. I was just having fun with the camera and she looked extra cute that day. She loves to say cheese and pose for the camera and now that she knows she can see the result she comes faithfully to stand beside me while I wait for the digital image to come up!

Finally a picture of my beautiful children after a full evening at grandma and grandpa’s house. We had a lovely walk with my mom and dad before my dad headed back to Fort McMurray for his next round of three weeks of work. And yes that is Lanae wearing a cloth diaper held together with duct-tape. Unfortunately daddy got everything except the diaper bag but thankfully we had some fun figuring out what to do instead!!!!