So this is our kitten (Thanks again Rob and Andy) and she seems to enjoy food but at the same time have some serious problems eating it. I always thought cats were the neatest creatures alive but it appears we got the exception. My friend, Heather, tells me kittens are actually quite messy and although that should make me feel better I still don’t particularly enjoy cleaning cat food off a cat.

So in the first one she managed to just get one front paw dirty but by the time she was halfway through eating she figured it was better to just climb on in!!

Well at least I know she’s getting food in her. She’s always getting way more active and playful. We don’t have to feed her from dropper (thank goodness because that was getting old) and she now uses the litter box without having to be shown where it is. I guess we’ll be moving from one baby to the next around here.

On a much cuter note here is the my little ladybug. Grandma could not resist the really great deal and cute outfit at Winner’s and I have to agree that it was definitely a good choice. So this will be Lanae’s halloween costume this year and Baby Girl’s in the following years. It’s also just fun to dress up in from time to time in the “pitty dess” as Lanae fondly refers to it.

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