Of course so many things tend to happen in fall and it’s hard to keep track of them all! I love this time of year so much and now with my kidlets in school it makes it even more exciting.

So here are a few of the things that have happened in the last few weeks since I posted! Sam & Jake both started school! Both love school so much right now which is a relief to me. Jake was more than eager to just get dropped off at his preschool class for the first day without me but thankfully I got to stay and observe. The second day Nana just dropped him off and he waved at the door. He wasn’t even really ready to leave when I finally did come pick him up. Oh well, just goes to show that you never know how your kids might react! Here are a few pictures of the boys on Jake’s first day of preschool.

Then of course Lanae gets some time with mommy and this is how we make good use of our time together, just girls!!

Of course no blog entry will be complete without a report on the status of Baby #4 (I guess I could refer to her by name but it’s much more fun just waiting until she’s actually born). This is me at 34 weeks preggo (taken just two days ago). She’s definitely grown in the last 2 weeks and I’m starting to feel the discomfort of pregnancy but I know it will be well worth it once she finally arrives.

Finally here is the newest addition to our ever expanding family! Thanks to some friends of our, http://imjustdandy.blogspot.com/, we have adopted a tiny little furball who still needs to be fed from dropper! Yes we are suckers and I know we’ll probably wonder why the heck we did it just like every other pet we’ve owned but for the moment she’s kind of cute and the kids really like her. Finally the girls will outnumber the boys in our home! Make sure you check out Andrea’s blog to see how they managed to rescue the little lady.

5 thoughts on “Happenings!

  1. sweetness.
    i too LOVE this season so so so much!! i love the fall fairs, the trees turning color, crisp cool air, school starting, school supplies (weird, i guess…), and thinking of apple picking, apple pies, thanksgiving… and then Christmas soon after!!
    You look extremely beautiful at your 34 week mark my dear. 🙂 pregnancy looks so lovely on you!!

    hope you get some nice massages to get rid of the aches and pains!

  2. Your boys are handsome little men, I love their “see ya later” poses. And it looks like Lanae will be a little princess, she does look so pretty all dressed up. As for baby #4, she’s getting big, but you look so awesome preggers. It’s nice to still look hot on your fourth pregnancy.

    And I must say, you guys are suckers. Read a blog, adopt a kitty. I purposely didn’t show Chelsea Andrea’s blog, becuase she would have been begging us to take it home.

  3. Elise, you look FANTASTIC!! Betcha can’t wait to meet that precious little one. Wow, your boys are growing up so fast it’s hard to believe. I remember when Jake was just a tiny baby.

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