So while we celebrate Father’s Day every June, we also celebrate the birthday of a pretty special guy!  This year we were set to celebrate a pretty big milestone with my Dad.  60 glorious years of life!  He may beg to differ on all 60 of them being glorious but it seems appropriate that this milestone deserves a bit of exaggeration.  Needless to say that with the events of the previous month we were all finding it difficult to muster the energy and desire to put together a big shindig AND my father is not one for extravagant parties.  He is the epitome of the “strong, silent” type.  Instead we opted for a small, family gathering with just our immediate family.  A fun, photo scavenger hunt was put together, teams were created, funky hats were distributed, 60 citronella candles were purchased and food arranged.

We had so much fun celebrating the man who has quietly loved us through life.  My dad is an unassuming individual who has spent most of his life giving of himself so that his family would never go without.  I don’t think I have ever heard him complain about how difficult life can be.  Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of stories we could share about his amusing antics, making us graham cracker chicken, making us eat outside or in the garage as a punishment for poor table manners or disobedience, an encounter or two with a belt of the leather variety, etc.  Better yet, we could probably share some insider information on the fact that he’ll eat almost anything because his tastebuds are literally broken, he has a few grandkids but one little granddaughter has him particularly wrapped around her little finger, we mock him sometimes because he used to be so strict and the man we now see doting on his grandkids is not the same one we recall growing up.  But the truth of the matter is that we love him so much and he has given us an amazing amount of memories and experiences that have made us kids, the people we are today.  There are many attributes and character qualities that we can pick out in each other that remind us of the best we see if our dad.  While it wasn’t the same celebration that we’d hoped to give him and we were all aware of the little missing person that should have filled the frame of many a picture, we know the memories we created on that day will give us each a great deal of joy as we reflect on who this man is to us and why we are so incredibly thankful and blessed for his presence in our lives.

I’ve included the link for the slideshow we put together to remember the day and I think it’ll give you a better idea of just how much fun we had being silly while we celebrated this very amazing man that I am proud to call my father!

A Day of Memories


I’ve said it before but I’ll gladly say it again…my husband is SO CREATIVE!!!  Whether it’s being creative at work, creative at parenting or just plain creative with life, his mind thinks in ways I cannot fathom.  The latest creative endeavor in our home has been sandwich bags made uniquely for each child.

Now let’s just clear the air from the start.  There is no possible way for me to claim that this is environmentally friendly, in fact it’s probably quite the opposite.  However the anticipation it creates for my children to open their lunches makes it easier for me to justify my contribution to global warming.

James came across a designer’s blog some time ago that had fun ideas for using your creative skills in your child’s lunchbox.  He showed me some of the unique creations and then expressed the desire to do something similar with his kiddos.  So he started one Sunday evening with one black and one red sharpie.  The result was stunning…four drawings on a ziploc baggie for each of his kids.  The picture was something special to them and a way for him to let his kids know that he thought of them throughout the day.

Three weeks later and said creative idea going strong, I decided to fill his “toolbox” with a whole set of colorful sharpies.  The result was wonderful…

.IMG_7826 IMG_7827 IMG_7828 IMG_7829

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I was in the car this morning with three, sweet four year olds.  As I drove and listened to their banter I smiled, it was innocent and beautiful, silly and ridiculous but their laughter and joy filled the van.  They were giggly and chatty, as they always are when they first get together.  I love hearing their little voices calling each other by name and catching up on the details of the days they’ve missed.  It never ceases to amaze me how children can spend hours with their friends and the next time they see each other, whether it be hours or days later they have countless details to relay. Continue reading

While we have not yet reached the point of jetting off to some luxurious, tropical vacation during the kids spring break we do try to find a few fun things to entertain ourselves with.  This break so far has been VERY low-key…we’ve basically hung around close to home as both James and I still have regular work schedules to maintain.  Thankfully we’ve been blessed with some sunshine, albeit rather cold sunshine, but sunshine nonetheless, which means the kids have been able to get outside for a few hours a day playing hockey in the driveway, riding bikes and rollerblades or jumping on the trampoline.  I think James and I half expected to have a Saturday full of rain and neither of us brought up plans for the day.

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I am up and running with this new, AMAZING site my very talented husband has crafted for me!  I am so thankful for the gifts he’s been given and the creative way his mind works.  I am even more thankful that he took the time to create this for me as a way of showing his support for my crazy ramblings!  Thanks hon…YOU ROCK!

Hopefully we’ve worked out most of the kinks already but just in case we’ll do our best to tweak as we go.  My blogger site should automatically redirect you should you happen across it, but it’s not as smooth as James would like!  Regardless I’m very happy with the outcome and will be posting from here from now on:)

Since my wonderful husband has decided to purchase us both a new iPhone I am back on track with taking photos. Of course, they are not quite as good as with a real camera but they definitely capture the memories I want to have of time spent with my kids.

The many faces of my sweet youngest girl! Monday mornings I get to spend a few hours with just her and we have a blast just hanging out or heading on a few random errands (errands that I would not dare do with all four of my kids).

Annie had her very first dentist appointment. It was so cute watching her put on the glasses like her older brothers and sister and open her mouth wide for the dentist. She did so well even though she didn’t actually get to have her teeth cleaned in the end.

Of course who can resist a cute little girl in her undies and yellow rain boots. Too cute!

A short jaunt to the zoo. James called me a few weeks ago desperate for a family shot for his a project at work. We ended up heading out with three of the four kids to have a picture taken for one of the product boxes. James, Sam and Lanae and I got in on the photo and then on the way out we took a look at the animals that we hadn’t seen for quite awhile. The shoot was at the Vancouver Zoo!

Our Thanksgiving weekend involved a great deal of sports, as is the norm for our family. We ended up watching Sam play a great football game, scoring 5 of 5 conversion kicks. Then James opted to join my three brothers in a game of recreational rugby. Two things are wrong with that last sentence, first my husband has never played rugby in his life and that is really kind of dangerous, second there is no such thing as recreational rugby. The sport is intense, rough and crazy weird. Regardless James opted to join them again on Sunday and despite one nasty bruise and a few sore muscles he actually enjoyed himself. All in all it was a great weekend spent relaxing with family and eating a lot of very good food.

A walk on the river finished up our weekend. The day started with a nice, relaxing morning and not much to accomplish. A playdate for Jake, pajamas for the rest of us and then a walk with my parents along the Fraser River. It got a little chilly and the raindrops came sporadically but we enjoyed ourselves and the kids loved hanging out with their grandparents. Annie specifically loves her gama and gampa (although she usually calls him gama too) but all the kids enjoyed just being together.