While we have not yet reached the point of jetting off to some luxurious, tropical vacation during the kids spring break we do try to find a few fun things to entertain ourselves with.  This break so far has been VERY low-key…we’ve basically hung around close to home as both James and I still have regular work schedules to maintain.  Thankfully we’ve been blessed with some sunshine, albeit rather cold sunshine, but sunshine nonetheless, which means the kids have been able to get outside for a few hours a day playing hockey in the driveway, riding bikes and rollerblades or jumping on the trampoline.  I think James and I half expected to have a Saturday full of rain and neither of us brought up plans for the day.

Once I was up and out of bed and saw the sun shining through the windows I knew we’d regret a day spent lazing on the couches.  Not that those days don’t have their place but how could we waste a perfectly great day of beauty!  I mentioned to James the suspension bridge at Capilano but THAT PLACE is really, super expensive and honestly, it’s just a bridge.  Then I remembered that I’d heard friends mention the fun they had taking their family to Lynn Valley Canyon and asked James if we could give that a try.  He wasn’t enthused at first but then when I mentioned that perhaps we could incorporate the kids taking pictures in some way he came up with the greatest idea of a picture scavenger hunt.

Presenting it to the kids was a little trickier.  They were enjoying their laziness, time at home, screen time, etc.  AND it did mean we would sacrifice valuable time with my brother and his wife (but they were so gracious and encouraging of us to go ahead and enjoy the day, to which I am so thankful to them).  Once we got out on the road and made our scavenger hunt checklist things really got going.  We made a list that would really take us through the day and then just started driving.  We stopped at the local produce store to get some fruit and cross a few items off the checklist, then Tim Hortons (not in Abbotsford), then Lynn Valley, then a side trip down nostalgia lane for my dear husband who recently lost his Nana.  It was neat to show the kids the house he came to visit and play at when he was a kid and then to the weird, tacky restaurant they used to frequent, it’s a total dive and I get a kick out of it but I DO understand that the memories places hold are so often tied to the people we associate them with rather than the actual location.  After that we headed to a quaint little candy store in Fort Langley and then to a delicious dinner at Fatburger (silliest name, because it sounds gross, but the food is quite good).

It was one of those spontaneous days that James and I will likely hold dear in our memories for a very long time.  The kids may forget it as they grow but it’s the laughter, the joy, the smiles, hugs and bonds that are formed during days like today that will keep our family valuing and cherishing each other in years to come.

Here is the checklist of items and I’ve put together a video of our day hopefully capturing all the things we had on our list plus a few extras:)  ENJOY!  SCAVENGER HUNT VIDEO here

Buy some candy from a candy store

Take video of someone dancing

A picture of a Canadian Flag, an airplane, sports car, taxi, a beautiful flower, an eagle or bird, a waterfall, a skyscraper, Tim Hortons (not in Abbotsford), 3 different bridges, a goat

Buy two pieces of fruit or veggies that you will actually eat.

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