Okay so in keeping with the idea that my kids can have the opportunity to share a little about their lives on my blog here is a story Sam wrote for his Language Arts class.  The assignment was to re-write a classic Fairytale in a “broken” fashion…hence the assignment being titled “Fractured Fairytale”.  I’m not 100% sure if Sam captured the point (he hasn’t gotten his grade back yet), but it’s definitely an interesting read.  I asked him if I could share it here and he was happy to oblige.  While I find the story a bit odd and somewhat disturbing, I can appreciate that this is not an area he’s particularly strong in and he gave it his best effort.  So without further ado…enjoy!

The change that broke his heart


Early, one sunny morning, I (Grandpa) had decided to go for a walk.  I started walking down the path listening to the birds singing, and the waves hitting the shore.  As I was walking, I listened to nature.  Suddenly, lightning struck, I was frightened and scared!  Then I heard a voice, looking around everywhere for a person, then “BOOM”, lightning hit again and there in the clouds was a spirit.  He had a hood, like he didn’t want to be seen.  He mumbled two strange words, which I couldn’t understand.  Then an instant later, in a third strike of lightning he was gone and the rain stopped!


After that weird moment, I headed home for some breakfast.  While I was walking through the streets of Little Town, I noticed the people looked scared.  As I stepped into my house, the people in the streets gasped.  Then I felt something strike my head.  It was Grandma, my wife, hitting me on the head with her umbrella.  I ran to the bathroom and locked the door, thinking my wife had gone crazy.  She yelled, “Get out of my house, you rascal”!  I had no idea why she would yell at me like that.  As I turned to look at myself in the mirror, I was stunned to silence.  Hair covered my body, a snout was where my nose should have been and I had much bigger teeth and ears than normal…this could not be happening.  I…WAS…A…WOLF.  I scrambled as fast as I could through the window and into the woods.


There I was, in the woods, all, alone.  I wondered how this could be happening?  It suddenly came to me…it was the strange spirit.  I was so mad, and then I realized I needed to calm down.  I stared at the moon and told myself, I needed to find some shelter.  Eventually I found a tree to sleep under with a bush I could use for a pillow and lots of leaves for a blanket.  After making my bed, I found some rocks, leaves, sticks and sap to make myself a teddy bear so I wouldn’t be lonely.  I laid down, looked at the stars and wondered, why had the spirit done this to me?  A few minutes later I saw a shooting star and I wished that I could find a way to reverse this curse.  Then I drifted off to sleep.


“Where am I”?  BOOM!  “What was that”?  Wait…lightening…strange lightening…and rain…the SPIRIT!  BOOM!  “What do you want, spirit?” I asked.  “I’m here to tell you how to reverse the curse.  Go to the haunted house down the road,” replied the spirit.  Then for no reason the spirit disappeared and everything went black.


“Aaah,” I gasped for air and realized that had all been a dream.  That must mean I’m not actually a wolf.  Looking around I saw a hunter.  I yelled, “hey hunter!” “Hey a wolf I’ll kill it for fur” said the hunter as he slowly crept toward me.  I thought to myself that I must still be a wolf.  I ran for my life as he was shooting at me and as I turned the corner I hide behind a tree.  Luckily he did not see me.  Then I threw a rock and the hunter ran in the direction I threw the rock and as fast as I could I ran the other way, barely escaping. 


As I was walking I remembered the dream.  The spirit had told me to go to the Haunted house so I went there in hopes of reversing the curse.  When I got there, I headed up the creaky stairs to the library and immediately went to the spells and curses section.  I searched the shelves and desks, until I came across a book about a wolf, called “Little Red Riding Hood”.  I read through the book but there was nothing about how to reverse the curse of the wolf.  I was mad and threw the book on the ground, then, taking one last look, I saw the “reverse curse”.  I read the instructions, dropped the book and fainted…waking, a short time later, I was sad.  The instructions told me I must follow the path of the wolf in the story, which meant I had to eat my granddaughter, “Little Red Riding Hood”.  I was so upset, I didn’t want to eat my sweet, little “Red”.  Realizing it was the only way, I left the Haunted house in search of Red.


I found her, along a forest path, and distracted her with a flower meadow.  While she was plucking flowers I ran to the house and ate Red’s mother and put on her dress.  Soon, Red came back.  “I’m back,” Red said.  Seeing the familiar dress she ran towards me with her arms wide open and hugged me tight.  With her in my reach, I gobbled her up.


A flash of light and I was human again.  Looking out the window, I saw the hunter close by.   I yelled, “please help me get Little Red and her mom”.  He walked in the house, and with a swing of his hammer, I was out cold. 


“Uuuhhh, what happened,” I said.  There, standing right in front of me was Red and her mom.  I was so happy to see them.  Then the hunter asked me why I had eaten them.  I explained everything to them and we all lived happily ever after…but I always wondered why the spirit did that to me?





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