So here are a few pictures I wanted to share that were kind of fun.

First of course is the beautiful growth of our dear little Annika! She is still a quiet little one, which remains to be seen if that’s truly her character or just a trick for mommy to enjoy now! I am 28 weeks along which leaves 12 weeks of countdown until her due date. If she follows the same pattern as my other three we should be welcoming her closer to 11 weeks (maybe in time for Thanksgiving)!

Here is a picture of Lanae and I. I was just having fun with the camera and she looked extra cute that day. She loves to say cheese and pose for the camera and now that she knows she can see the result she comes faithfully to stand beside me while I wait for the digital image to come up!

Finally a picture of my beautiful children after a full evening at grandma and grandpa’s house. We had a lovely walk with my mom and dad before my dad headed back to Fort McMurray for his next round of three weeks of work. And yes that is Lanae wearing a cloth diaper held together with duct-tape. Unfortunately daddy got everything except the diaper bag but thankfully we had some fun figuring out what to do instead!!!!

2 thoughts on “Just a few pictures to share

  1. I love the cloth diaper, way to improvise. And did your husband suggest the duct tape? What a man can do with duct tape is amazing.

    And I love your new saying: crazy, happy, joyful, normal people – I guess normal is whatever you define it to be.

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