For those who are checking I have had a few requests for updates about baby so here goes! We had our ultrasound on May 30th (Sam’s 7th birthday) and everything went great. All measurements of head, heart, spine, hands, feet, etc. were right on target with nothing noted as abnormal. Baby was measured at 18 weeks 6 days (my calculations said 19 weeks 3 days) so we were within a few days of each other and that’s as it should be. From what the tech said she was verily confident regarding gender (although they always say it’s not 100%) but they were not able to reveal to us directly. They will send the results via “snail” mail to our midwife when I have passed the 20 week mark according to their calculations which would mean they will put the results in the mail tomorrow. Since I have decided not to find out the gender but James would like to know the midwives will either call and speak to James or they will simply leave the results in the envelope for James to look at. He is quite certain that we are having another girl but I think he might be going on wishful thinking as I feel pretty sure it’s another boy.
Here is the picture from the ultrasound of the baby’s profile. It doesn’t look quite as much a Davenport as the other three did in their pictures but that could just be the quality of the picture.

Everything else is going great. Baby has started moving quite a bit and the kids are looking forward to when they can actually feel the baby themselves. I think we might have had a growth spurt as well since I seem to be popping out a little than even 5 days ago. Anyway, in no time at all I’m sure I’ll feel huge.

Here is a picture taken today at 20 weeks 5 days by my calculations or 20 weeks 1 day by the baby’s measurements.

Hope that satisfies all the curiousity and I’ll be sure to keep you updated as things progress.

I was trying to get things in chronological order but clearly that’s impossible with a blog or maybe it’s just me! Anyway, these pics are from April which was a pretty busy month for us.

Here is a picture of Jake holding his 2nd place trophy from the Annual Awana Grand Prix. Both the boys designed a car with James and then raced it against other kids their age. Jake was 2nd in the Novice division. Thankfully Sam was a good sport about it and tried to be happy for his brother.

The three kidlets having a teaparty. Thankfully the boys are pretty indulgent with their sister. Well if I was being entirely truthful I would admit that it’s actually at the insistence of Jake that they play “tea party”.

This was a gift from daddy for a belated Easter! The man across the street was selling bunnies but when he had a hard time getting rid of them he offered us a few for free. Thankfully Ben had a cage and all the gear so we just went and picked out two cute bunnies from “The Bunny Man” (as the kids refer to him since they don’t know his real name)! They are Fighty and Snuggle Ben, clearly named by their young owners. We’re not sure what the significance is but we just smile and nod.

Here is Lanae in one of her favorite pasttimes of pulling all the pots and pans out of the cupboard and then sitting in the ones that fit her!

And this of course is baby Davenport #4, picture taken at 12 weeks! So far growing steadily. I am actually nearly 20 weeks (halfway there) and feeling great. A little bigger than this but not much. James, Sam and I are going for the ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. Sam is very excited and although he would prefer another sister he said yesterday that all he cares about is that the baby is healthy (what a sweet boy)!

Early in April we rented a cabin from some friends of friends up in Hemlock. We had a wonderful time with my family and played in lots of snow. Lanae also took the time to practise up on her beautician skills and unfortunately for daddy he had to be the test subject. He was a good sport though!

Here they are the dress-up kids. We had a fun afternoon one day just messing around with the dress-up bin. Unfortunately for the boys they had to be more creative since I have lots of girl stuff but not many boy things. They did pretty good although I question Jake’s choice. Regardless we had a great time getting on our “train” and travelling to far of places (all in the living room of course).

This morning I was reading the blog of this amazing young woman who has already faced her share of struggles and heartache in a very short 28 years of life. Although it seems most of her struggles have taken place in the last 3 years I imagine leading up to this she had times of struggle. Anyway, as an adult I am daily learning how God works on this fallen earth and how as humans we can choose to cope with the sorrow. I can’t even begin to summarize her story in a short entry so I will just attach the blog address and if you feel inspired (and have a few moments to read and probably cry) to see how God can be glorified in the darkest of moments then go ahead and read some of her insightful thoughts.

I don’t actually know her I just stumbled across her blog through a friend of a friend but I think her story is universal of suffering, sorrow and finding joy amidst these!

Well this weekend was off to a great start with a session of Beth Moore Live!!! My wonderful mother-in-law treated me to an early birthday gift of the conference taking place at Pacific Coloseum in Vancouver. Many people are on the “Beth Moore” bandwagon with the studies and what not which at times makes me feel skeptical. However after attending her conference I feel relieved, uplifted, refreshed and encouraged.

As a teacher she is down-to-earth and extremely passionate. She clearly understands her place as a vessel for God to use and regularly makes the point to encourage people not to glorify her or put her on a pedestal but to place their praise in God’s amazing work. She spoke on Hebrews 4:12-16 and just spent the entire time breaking down each verse.

Friday night was chapters 12&13 and she had us memorize it (sorry to say that I haven’t quite got that down yet). The praise during that segment was fabulous. Definitely professional but not a performance. This morning started bright and early at 8:30am (which meant a 6:45am start time) with praise time, I’m not sure how some people manage to have so much energy that early. The first part of the morning was chapters 14&15 and then a short break and finishing off with chapter 16. There were two very significant aspects of this weekend that touched me. I think basically since reading “The Shack” I’ve been really struggling with God as someone who does not have a “dark” side. He is completely love and although He will judge us and seeks justice He is not a vengeful God who seeks only to see me struggle. He truly wants to prosper me, not in the money sense but in the spiritual sense. The second aspect with understand our need for mercy and grace and the difference between the two. She defined mercy as “God holding back that which we deserve for our sins” and grace as “God blessing us with what we NEED because He loves us”. So she had us write down one things that we need to receive mercy for and then one thing aspect of grace we needed. Then as we closed the session she asked that we each hold up our booklet with something that we needed God’s mercy from and something that we needed God’s grace for. As 1500-2000 booklets floated in the air Beth prayed God would see each person’s request and grant their specific need. Then she told us that was the last time we could ask for that from now on we had to just shower God with thanks at His wisdom at fulfilling that need in HIS TIMING!

I was so encouraged not to walk away feeling like I was on a spiritual high and just waiting for the “letdown”. I knew this was something that would be impactful for me in months and hopefully years to come. Although I came emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted I knew it was worth it. God is good all the time, All the time God is good! How can we possibly feel any differently when we see how he continues to fill our lives with blessing despite how little we deserve them?

Well after saying that we’d made it through the season untouched we got touched!! Jake came down with the flu last Saturday evening and only started to feel better on Monday at which point Lanae and I both got sick until Tuesday evening and then on Wednesday night Sam got a mild case of it. Thankfully James’ has not gotten it (he was the only one to get the flu shot) and we really hope it stays that way. He’s been pretty healthy though and working out like crazy and such so I’m sure that’s affected his immune system as well.

Life around here has actually slowed down a little. We’ve had two weekends of being at home as a family and not rushing off for some activity or another. I’ve rather enjoyed playing games in the afternoon with my kiddos and spending a lot of time with my dear husband.

The kids are growing like weeds and keeping us busy. Between laughing, loving, learning, disciplining, etc. I rarely have a moment to reflect. There are those amazing moments when God’s goodness shines through so clearly that you can’t mistake His presence in your life. We had a moment like that not this past Sunday but the Sunday before when Sam and were discussing some family news and he felt inclined to immediately pray for health and safety. I was overwhelmed by his sincerity and certainty in God’s faithfulness to us. I knew in that moment that God is blessing our efforts to raise godly children and although we have and will face many trials He is above all!

Anyway, so here are a few pictures of my lovely family.

This is my dear husband finding some quiet time with his daughter and like any good daddy does he’s actually playing “My little pony”! Isn’t that so sweet.

And here she is…Miss Canada. Okay so I’m a little bias but we think she just gets cuter and cuter. It’s amazing how little girls can be so “girly” at such a young age. Lanae is one determined little girl and knows what she wants. We’re praying that God will give us patience and perserverance in raising this beautiful girl.

My sons who are trying so hard to find their groove with each other. They are doing well for the most part and this was one of those time when they were quietly playing “Rescue heroes football” together. They have many moments of bickering but they love each other. There is no doubt about that.

Oh yeah and #4 (yet to be named)! Yes the last installment of the Davenport family is set to join us on or around October 21st. We are all very happy. Sam is the most ecstatic, I think. James and I are very thrilled but definitely quite content to make this our last one. Jake and Lanae don’t have much of an opinion yet but Jake is fascinated with other babies right now and I’m sure he’ll enjoy this one. Lanae is using her Cabbage patch on a regular basis and pushing it around in the stroller so hopefully her natural instinct will help her adjust easily.

So for the moment that is all we have to share but I’ll be sure to keep you all updated a little more regularly on the comings and goings of the Davenports.

Although I wouldn’t expect to have any avid lurkers on my blog I’m sure there are a few of you who regularly check in to see if I’ve updated anything.

I have to be honest, I haven’t taken any pictures during January (I know a whole month and my children will never know what happened during that month. Nothing much exciting just the regular things in life.

We’re doing very well here in the Davenport household. Keeping busy with work, school, life with toddlers, etc. Nothing really new to report just that we’ve made it through the flu season untouched so far. I’m glad the see that most other families are healthy and happy!