Another post without pictures but just a few thoughts to share of a frustrated pregnant woman. Why is it that even though my due date is still 9 days away I feel so incredibly eager for things to start happening NOW? I’m sure little Annie is not in a rush to make her appearance as I have yet to feel anything that resembles a serious contraction but I feel like because my other three were all early she should definitely show up any day now.

My last midwife appointment was Tuesday and there was progress but nothing significant. I have another appointment Tuesday afternoon and I’m really hoping to get things moving along. In fact my good friend Janelle is hoping for the same day. How cool would that be to share a birthday in the same year!

Anyway, I’m sure my next post will include pictures of our beautiful addition but for now you get to enjoy the ramblings of a very pregnant, very tired lady!

For those who are checking I have had a few requests for updates about baby so here goes! We had our ultrasound on May 30th (Sam’s 7th birthday) and everything went great. All measurements of head, heart, spine, hands, feet, etc. were right on target with nothing noted as abnormal. Baby was measured at 18 weeks 6 days (my calculations said 19 weeks 3 days) so we were within a few days of each other and that’s as it should be. From what the tech said she was verily confident regarding gender (although they always say it’s not 100%) but they were not able to reveal to us directly. They will send the results via “snail” mail to our midwife when I have passed the 20 week mark according to their calculations which would mean they will put the results in the mail tomorrow. Since I have decided not to find out the gender but James would like to know the midwives will either call and speak to James or they will simply leave the results in the envelope for James to look at. He is quite certain that we are having another girl but I think he might be going on wishful thinking as I feel pretty sure it’s another boy.
Here is the picture from the ultrasound of the baby’s profile. It doesn’t look quite as much a Davenport as the other three did in their pictures but that could just be the quality of the picture.

Everything else is going great. Baby has started moving quite a bit and the kids are looking forward to when they can actually feel the baby themselves. I think we might have had a growth spurt as well since I seem to be popping out a little than even 5 days ago. Anyway, in no time at all I’m sure I’ll feel huge.

Here is a picture taken today at 20 weeks 5 days by my calculations or 20 weeks 1 day by the baby’s measurements.

Hope that satisfies all the curiousity and I’ll be sure to keep you updated as things progress.