The last time we had a visit to the aquarium Jake was about the same age Annie is now. I loved seeing the reactions of the boys to the many aquatic displays and just enjoying time as a family in a new environment.

This time was a little different because we had all four of the kids and we ventured there with all of James’ family as well. It was a great experience and what I think I enjoyed the most was the trek in as James’ reminisced a bit about his childhood. James’ Nana used to live in North Vancouver and he told us that his family, of 5, would often make the trek out after church on Sunday for a visit. He took the route they traveled and showed us the general area where she lived. Then off for an afternoon of observation.

Something about trips like this bring us together. I think it has to do with God’s creation and the beauty about it that intrigues us and allows us to enjoy the experience together. The kids were eager and I’m quite certain liked all they saw.

Watching the dolphins was probably the highlight for us. They are such a beautiful animal and incredibly smart. The kids were enthralled with their performance and I was again reminded of the majesty of creation around us and the little I actually know about the many amazing things in the world around me.

I also really like jellyfish. I’m not exactly sure what it is about this display that I like but I think it’s the color of the tank water and the florescent creatures that can be potentially dangerous.

These last two pictures just reminded me of why people get these crazy stories of “swamp” monsters and undersea creatures that turn into blown out of proportion myths that go on for years and years.

We stopped for dinner on the way back at a place James and his family often ate. I’d been there once before and although I still don’t understand the appeal I can appreciate the sentimental attachment they have to a place where many fond memories remain. The kids were quiet on the way back and the three youngest were asleep before we reached the bridge.

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