Friday, November 5th was another great day to celebrate another beautiful child in our home. Lanae is an interesting girl…she is bright, she communicates her desires and needs very clearly but above all she is determined and knows her own mind. I am always shocked at her ability to explain things to me and her perception of a situation.

Although I’m quite certain that her and I will quite often disagree on a variety of issues I am 100% aware of the fact that my love for her and who God has created her to be will remain unscathed. She is a treasure in our family and I know God has great things in mind for her.

This year has opened a great number of opportunities for her. She is attending preschool this year and thoroughly enjoying the social aspect that it awards her. We also had the opportunity to attend her first fieldtrip to the local pumpkin patch. We didn’t get much into the Fall festivities this year as it’s been an extremely busy fall so I was quite glad at this opportunity to go with her class and enjoy the usual fall activities.

Lanae is also a very family oriented person, as are all of our kids, which is definitely a direct result of having both sides of our family living in the same city or at least within a very short distance of us. So she was thrilled when her Uncle Joel and Auntie Meghan got themselves a kitten. Her name is Lily and since spending time with her Lanae is quite certain that we need to get a cat as well and name her Lily.

Lanae’s actual birthday wasn’t necessarily anything elaborate but we did give her the gift we got for her that I found on a local swap site. She loved the little baby doll bed with a canopy and her “talking” baby doll to go with it. I know she’s going to be so much fun as she grows up and I only hope I can keep up with her passion and drive.

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