I just wanted to keep record of a few funny things that have happened in our home the last few days and what better place to do that then to share it with a few of my friends as well.

It should be no surprise to anyone who knows Lanae that she has very set ideas on when it will be appropriate for her to kiss a boy. She has already determined that she doesn’t kiss anyone on the lips unless she’s married to them, and that includes me! It’s funny and strange all at the same time and I have it in my mind to remind her of that when she turns 14 or 15 and wants to start kissing boys. The other day we were reading a story of Cinderella and she was quite interested in if they got married at the end or not. They didn’t because it wasn’t the original Cinderella but I commented on how she would love to plan her wedding and that she would hopefully get a wonderful man whom she could kiss once she got married. She proceeded to inform me that she would not let him kiss her on the lips but that she would let him kiss her on the hand IF she was wearing her glove. Such a funny comment but again a reminder of how determined and adamant she can be about ideas she gets in her head.

Another great moment this past week was our experience deciding whether or not to register Jake for dance class. Jake has always been an extremely rhythmic person so it hasn’t been hard coming to grips with his excitement for a dance class. We took him to a jazz/musical theater class to try but determined that because it was all girls he would eventually not appreciate that dynamic. We thought it might be a good idea to try the hip hop class that followed for a few minutes. A few minutes turned into the entire class and 2 hours later Jake had successfully completed two full classes. He came home exuberant about the Christmas performance and adamant that he wanted to take the hip hop class. Later that evening he informed me that he really liked his instructor. He said, “Miss Marissa, has the best skin to touch mom because it’s so warm!” Ahh, that’s my Jakie, a lover to the core. Needless to say dance/dramatic arts will be a success with my second son and I’m sure he will excel in it just as Sam has excelled in football.

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