So at this moment my brain is far from putting into words some of the thoughts that are in my head but it’s been awhile and I have missed a few important events in our home so I’m going to try to get his on record while I have a few quiet moments:)

October 15th was a good day to celebrate a precious little lady in our home. Annie was not unlike her sister, in that she was in a hurry to make it into this work as well. It’s funny how details of a child’s birth seem to mimic a bit of their personality in years to come. Annie is a sweet little girl, with a vibrant personality. She’s not always in a hurry to do things but she is determined to do them her own way. So many people comment on how cute she is and her personality definitely shines through in almost every situation. She is quick to smile and very affectionate. She loves her brothers and wants to do pretty much anything Lanae does. She is my snuggle bunny and I am so thankful that she enjoys quiet times of just sitting in my lap. She loves to chat and already uses her many words to make sure she gets her point across.

I love having this sweet child as my baby and know that she will be a delight in my life for years to come.

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  1. Oh little Annie…I get such a joy out of watching you grow. There is something about you that catches my attention constantly. I feel like there is such depth and wisdom behind those eyes. I feel as though there is a quiet strength inside her even though she’s a talkative little girl. It will be so wonderful to see how God uses this sweet soul for His kingdom.

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