I had to fight off the tears this afternoon as I listened to my sweet daughter belting out the tune by Francesca Battistelli.  She sang…”Someday falling in love with, Holding your hand, Making our plans all come true.  Someday under a sky so blue, I’ll give you my heart, Our story will start, someday soon”.

So many emotions flooded my heart at once, joy, anticipation, fear, uncertainty, happiness, sadness.

In a little over a week we will celebrate the someday soon my baby brother has so eagerly anticipated for many years.  Of course he didn’t know Meghan would be the woman in his life the whole time he waited but thankfully she has graced his life with a fresh start and something so wonderful to look forward to.  She will be everything he needs in a wife and best friend and I know that they will see many happy years together.  The emotions flooded my mind for him in the things I gain in another sister, a new road for the journey our family is embarking on and the new experiences we can now share as siblings.

In the same breathe I could see the day I will give away my precious child to her “someday”.  She is a princess, a little girl who loves all things beautiful and starts the morning with a quest for the best dress to wear for the day.  She helped me set up for a wedding with Meghan not that long ago and her constant buzz about the “married dress” and the “married chairs” (we were putting chair covers and sashes on banquet chairs for a reception) and the “married day of Uncle Joely and Auntie Meghan” was a delight to hear.  But in the moment when I heard her sing a song that will one day hopefully be for the man God has chosen for her I was brought up short.  I know I have so many years to prepare for this and I thank God that he gives us time to prepare our hearts and minds for those days.  But it also reminded me of the need to begin praying for the people my children choose.  To lift those, who are as of yet unknown to me, up to our Saviour, give him the burden of protecting my children’s hearts and bringing people into their lives that will encourage, uplift, inspire, cherish and honor these precious jewels!  It’s a lesson I will likely need to be reminded of again and again but hopefully God will honor the prayer of this day that my little girl will find someone worthy of her “someday”.

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  1. Beautiful post Elise. Praying for our kids’ future spouses is something I do often with them and even though Evan used to groan about it (I’m NOT getting married!) he smiles now and it has prompted some good discussions about the kind of person they want to marry.
    You’ve already had a few boys express interest in marrying Lanae so I think you better be praying lots about that one! 🙂

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