In an effort to make this last wedding really special mom and I decided to take an adventure with Lanae to the spa. We got all ready (I took Lanae’s frog robe with us) and headed out on Wednesday evening. The women who were assigned the task of making us “beautiful” led us into a quiet, private room where my mom and I were treated to a foot soak and message while Lanae had her nails and toes filed and polished. She sat completely still the whole time and even allowed her nails to dry for a good 10-15 minutes. My mom and I were able to get our toes completely done without too much effort on our part of keeping Lanae occupied. It was definitely a nice treat.
Fast-forward to Thursday evening…I spent the evening at Joel and Meghan’s wedding venue tying beautiful sashes on chairs and setting up the reception barn. The evening was complete with laughter, fun, a bloody bird, which was followed by a moment of tension or two (which I’ll let Joel and Meghan share when the wedding is over and they can laugh about it) and family.

Friday afternoon was filled with food prep as I headed over to my parents place in the afternoon and helped mom, dad, Trish and Amber put together all the decorations and food for a rehearsal dinner of 40+ guests. It was a pleasure to serve Meghan and Joel in this way and I can honestly say I would do that again in a heartbeat. The kids all enjoyed the festivities and were very well behaved (all five of them). They got a bit of attention but for the most part entertained themselves.

At 7:00pm we welcomed all the guests into mom and dad’s home and let the party start. It was great evening that didn’t get too out of hand (as most Neufeld parties do). The police showed up once, just to check out what was happening because someone told them a big party was going on, but they left shortly after because there really was nothing to see. All in all a successful night and a great way to begin the celebration.

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