So it started so many years ago! October of 1982 to be exact…a man and a woman made a commitment to spend a lifetime together and share the joys and sorrows of married life. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy, in fact, anyone that’s been married KNOWS that marriage takes work, love, and true sacrifice. However, the rewards that you receive far outweigh any heartache you experience along the way.

I hope in the years that my parents have been together they know that they have truly inspired four individuals to make that commitment a reality and honor the example they’ve set along the way.

11 years ago, I made that commitment and have never looked back. James and I continue to grow in the depth of love we have for each other. As we move through the many stages of love and experience our own joys and sorrows, I think I can speak for both of us when I say we have only learned to love each other deeper.

3 years ago, my brother Ben made a choice to follow in my parents footsteps and chose a wonderful woman, Trish, to share his life with. Their commitment and love for each other has been a blessing to our family and knowing the joys and sorrows they have already experienced I can honestly say that I admire their deep connection.

A year later, Tim added another woman, Amber, to our family and again blessed our family with an example of sacrifice and commitment. Their fun-loving, playful enjoyment of married life is refreshing and a great reminder that keeping love fresh is so important.

Now, today we join together one last time to witness and support two more individuals who are choosing this journey. Joel and Meghan have already shown their commitment to each other and the desire to make this life-long road a priority in their life. I know we will celebrate many years of blessing and love.

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