My brother Tim borrowed this great little sailboat from his in-laws and the two of us took off with the five kids to Cultus for a little bit of “sailing”.  Tim was a bit disappointed because this was only his second try with the little boat and the first time they got no wind at all.  This time there wasn’t much of a breeze but plenty of dribbles.  Thankfully it picked up a little bit…enough to make a couple of short trips out past the dock and back again.  The boys had an absolute blast in the boat and will definitely be eager to give it another try in the near future.  Lanae tried once and was a bit scared but enjoyed it enough to talk about it for the next few days.  Meeka and Annie spent the two or three hours chewing sand and getting soaking wet in the very chilly water.  The sun peeked out enough to warm us up a bit and then we headed home full of fresh air.  A great memory for the kids and a very enjoyable time spent for me and my brother chatting and playing with our kids. 

One thought on “Impromptu Excursion

  1. Hi Elise,
    This doesn’t really have anything to do with your last post…I just wanted to say I saw so much strength in your character Friday at Sam’s party. You are such a caring, intentional mom…it was special to visit with you and it’s fun to see you in your role as a mom to four kids! We have to remember that it’s the time invested in our kids’ lives that they are going to remember the most…not what sport we put them in or what material gifts they received from us…

    Thank you for your friendship!

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