I think my mom has been waiting for granddaughters all her life. Although it took her awhile to warm up to having grandchildren she has overcome that in leaps and bounds. Over the years she has found a number of wonderful things to give my four children. Things, not the least of which is her time and love. But being a bit sentimental the things I tend to cling to are the tangible evidence of her deep love for them.

My mom learned to crochet when she was but a little girl and an art she has not lost! It is definitely not a skill I have inherited but I am beginning to think I should learn. Each of my children have received a beautifully hand-crocheted afghan from my mother. Sam’s is the old Canucks colors of maroon, navy, blue and white, while Jake’s is the new Canucks colors, bright green, blue and white. Lanae was given a lacy, white and pink baby afghan with pink satin ribbon woven into it when she was born and Annie has a wonderfully delicate, lacy cream baby afghan. A few years ago Sam also requested a sweater. My mom obliged but gained reassurance from Sam that he would actually wear it. Although it was meant for him when he was 6 he still shoves it on and wears it on cold winter days under his winter jacket.

Well, in recent years mom has again picked up a little bit of a lost art from her early married years. As a little girl, I remember running under a quilting frame with various members of my family positioned on all sides of this quilt. They would spend days on it and carefully hand-stitch the quilt together. It seems a little House on the Prairie-ish for me but the results were always stunning. Having said that I was so excited when mom said she wanted to make matching quilts for my girls. Knowing my mom I knew it would only be the best material, the best quality, and the most superb craftsmanship possible. Needless to say I was not disappointed! Lanae’s quilt is the first to be finished and I know Annie’s will follow shortly. In the picture above Lanae is really sleeping! She was so thrilled to receive this wonderful gift and I am happy that she has this token of love from her grandma to remember her always.

To be honest it is clearly not just I whom the sentimental bug bit because both my sons have asked for a similar gift from Grandma. Thankfully my mom will be willing to accomodate that request but I’m hoping that maybe it will be something we can do together so I can learn this beautiful talent she has!

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  1. That is such a sweet picture and a beautiful quilt. I have 4 handmade quilts from 2 of my great grandmothers that I love and still use. I hope one day to pass them on to my kids.

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