A few more!

A Daddy for the first time! Love the exhausted look on his face but clearly joy at holding his newborn son.


My first nephew. You can’t imagine, unless you’ve been an auntie, the joy of holding a newborn that you haven’t birthed but know you love almost as much. I have waited for what seems like eternity to feel the comradarie of parenthood with one of my siblings and knowing that I can now share in the joys and pains of raising children with my brother (who also happens to be one of my best friends) makes this moment all the more special.


Grandma again! I imagine for my mother there is no greater joy than seeing a healthy grandbaby and knowing that her children can experience life’s most precious gift all in one little package.


Uncle James is pretty excited about his new title as well. Thankfully we all have awhile to get used to it.

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