Well this weekend was off to a great start with a session of Beth Moore Live!!! My wonderful mother-in-law treated me to an early birthday gift of the conference taking place at Pacific Coloseum in Vancouver. Many people are on the “Beth Moore” bandwagon with the studies and what not which at times makes me feel skeptical. However after attending her conference I feel relieved, uplifted, refreshed and encouraged.

As a teacher she is down-to-earth and extremely passionate. She clearly understands her place as a vessel for God to use and regularly makes the point to encourage people not to glorify her or put her on a pedestal but to place their praise in God’s amazing work. She spoke on Hebrews 4:12-16 and just spent the entire time breaking down each verse.

Friday night was chapters 12&13 and she had us memorize it (sorry to say that I haven’t quite got that down yet). The praise during that segment was fabulous. Definitely professional but not a performance. This morning started bright and early at 8:30am (which meant a 6:45am start time) with praise time, I’m not sure how some people manage to have so much energy that early. The first part of the morning was chapters 14&15 and then a short break and finishing off with chapter 16. There were two very significant aspects of this weekend that touched me. I think basically since reading “The Shack” I’ve been really struggling with God as someone who does not have a “dark” side. He is completely love and although He will judge us and seeks justice He is not a vengeful God who seeks only to see me struggle. He truly wants to prosper me, not in the money sense but in the spiritual sense. The second aspect with understand our need for mercy and grace and the difference between the two. She defined mercy as “God holding back that which we deserve for our sins” and grace as “God blessing us with what we NEED because He loves us”. So she had us write down one things that we need to receive mercy for and then one thing aspect of grace we needed. Then as we closed the session she asked that we each hold up our booklet with something that we needed God’s mercy from and something that we needed God’s grace for. As 1500-2000 booklets floated in the air Beth prayed God would see each person’s request and grant their specific need. Then she told us that was the last time we could ask for that from now on we had to just shower God with thanks at His wisdom at fulfilling that need in HIS TIMING!

I was so encouraged not to walk away feeling like I was on a spiritual high and just waiting for the “letdown”. I knew this was something that would be impactful for me in months and hopefully years to come. Although I came emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted I knew it was worth it. God is good all the time, All the time God is good! How can we possibly feel any differently when we see how he continues to fill our lives with blessing despite how little we deserve them?

10 thoughts on “Beth Moore

  1. I’m glad to hear you had a wonderful time and were able to bring home some wisdom that will stand the test of time (and life!). Thanks for sharing… oh, and I put a link to your blog from the bible study blog… hope that’s okay.

  2. hey so glad you could have a refreshing weekend of praise and teaching. 🙂 it is really encouraging to hear of the spiritual growth happening all over the country.

    what did you think of the Shack? i have not read it, but friends of mine are doing an online ‘study’ of it and discussing the theology in it. in your opinion, is it worth the time and effort of reading?

    have a great day lady! :0)
    from su

  3. Hi Sue,

    I don’t know you, but I saw your post here about “The Shack”. There’s a great review of the book here:


    But, I will caution that the review has several concerns (most of them I agree with) about Young’s unbiblical doctrine and theology.

    I found it an interesting review, anyway.

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