Well after saying that we’d made it through the season untouched we got touched!! Jake came down with the flu last Saturday evening and only started to feel better on Monday at which point Lanae and I both got sick until Tuesday evening and then on Wednesday night Sam got a mild case of it. Thankfully James’ has not gotten it (he was the only one to get the flu shot) and we really hope it stays that way. He’s been pretty healthy though and working out like crazy and such so I’m sure that’s affected his immune system as well.

Life around here has actually slowed down a little. We’ve had two weekends of being at home as a family and not rushing off for some activity or another. I’ve rather enjoyed playing games in the afternoon with my kiddos and spending a lot of time with my dear husband.

The kids are growing like weeds and keeping us busy. Between laughing, loving, learning, disciplining, etc. I rarely have a moment to reflect. There are those amazing moments when God’s goodness shines through so clearly that you can’t mistake His presence in your life. We had a moment like that not this past Sunday but the Sunday before when Sam and were discussing some family news and he felt inclined to immediately pray for health and safety. I was overwhelmed by his sincerity and certainty in God’s faithfulness to us. I knew in that moment that God is blessing our efforts to raise godly children and although we have and will face many trials He is above all!

Anyway, so here are a few pictures of my lovely family.

This is my dear husband finding some quiet time with his daughter and like any good daddy does he’s actually playing “My little pony”! Isn’t that so sweet.

And here she is…Miss Canada. Okay so I’m a little bias but we think she just gets cuter and cuter. It’s amazing how little girls can be so “girly” at such a young age. Lanae is one determined little girl and knows what she wants. We’re praying that God will give us patience and perserverance in raising this beautiful girl.

My sons who are trying so hard to find their groove with each other. They are doing well for the most part and this was one of those time when they were quietly playing “Rescue heroes football” together. They have many moments of bickering but they love each other. There is no doubt about that.

Oh yeah and #4 (yet to be named)! Yes the last installment of the Davenport family is set to join us on or around October 21st. We are all very happy. Sam is the most ecstatic, I think. James and I are very thrilled but definitely quite content to make this our last one. Jake and Lanae don’t have much of an opinion yet but Jake is fascinated with other babies right now and I’m sure he’ll enjoy this one. Lanae is using her Cabbage patch on a regular basis and pushing it around in the stroller so hopefully her natural instinct will help her adjust easily.

So for the moment that is all we have to share but I’ll be sure to keep you all updated a little more regularly on the comings and goings of the Davenports.

8 thoughts on “Finally some pictures and another update!

  1. Elise,

    I hope your family heals quickly and stays well! That is so tough, especially when mommy gets sick, too!

    Congratulations again on expecting a new baby! What a joyous celebration and it will be fun to see the other three interact with and love on their new sibling!!!

    Take care,

    Marilyn Fannin

  2. Congratulations Elise!! Carmen told me the news the other day, then I read this great update about that and the rest of your life lately and the kids…so great. I LOVE your picture of the kids at the top of your page too, they all have such priceless expressions!

    Love Heather

  3. hahaha, i love this post it is full of the beauty of life and simplicity. aaaah.
    congrats !! i am very excited to go along side you in another pregnancy! sort of… i guess i’m not really close geographically. but hey, facebook makes the world MUCH smaller! 🙂

    love you guys. su

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