Hi everyone! To say that it’s been too long would be an understandment. I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. Not that it really matters considering I don’t think I have an abundance of readers but just in case I wanted to update you all on the goings on in the Davenport household. The two pictures I’m posting are first of Lanae and I (I love that I have this beautiful little girl to hold and cherish as much as I love my boys)! The second on is of Lanae standing for the first time. She pulled herself up on the back of Sam’s chair and he was so incredibly proud of her. He told everyone that day that his little sister was starting to stand. I love that my boys adore their little sister so much. I know it might not last but for now it’s beautiful.

The next two weekends are sooooo busy for us. This weekend is my oldest brother’s wedding. Ben and Trish are getting married on July 14th. I’m sure I’ll be posting a great deal of pictures when we get back from that. Then on July 20th James and I are moving our family into our first HOUSE! We’ve enjoyed the townhouse but are definitely excited to move into a bigger space and a yard. The kids are so excited and thankfully we have an abundance of people to help us move. Again I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of pictures to share. Anyway, off to bed as I have to get up early to catch a ferry to Nanaimo!

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  1. Oh my goodness! She looks so big, standing up like that! And she is really turning into her own little person. She always looked so much like Jake before but that picture of her standing doesn’t look as much like her brothers. She is just such a treasure!!

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