The last few days in the Abbotsford have been pipin’ hot and yesterday we decided to have a day on the beach. My mom got a lovely new Saab convertible which was perfect for the drive out to Harrison. Sam and James headed to a birthday party after church and mom, Ben, Trish (Ben’s fiance) and I took Jake and Lanae out. The beach was actually quite calm and not nearly as hectic as I anticipated but it was absolutely perfect. James and Sam even decided to come join us after the party since we just didn’t want to leave.

We played in the water (for maybe 5 seconds since it was so freezing your actually got numb almost immediately), we built sand castles, we read books, we ate fish and chips and just all around relaxed for the whole afternoon/evening. We ended up heading home around 8pm. Needless to say we all slept very well.

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