Life is a journey!  I think we’ve all heard “life” made reference to in a number of metaphors or similes.  However, I think it’s safe to propose that we could insert any number of other words in place of “life”.  Marriage, a career, and yes, PARENTING!

The word “journey” (as stated in the Mirriam-Webster dictionary), is actually defined as “the travel or passage from one place to another”.  It doesn’t really include a description of how that journey takes place, i.e.. easily, with much difficulty, quickly, slowly, etc.  Just a basic knowledge that one will get from point A to point B as a result.

I’ve managed to ramble sufficiently so I’ll come to the the subject of my ponderings of late!  A struggle I seem to have a hard time letting go of…what makes a good parent, who is actually responsible to judge who good kids are, why are some parents so obsessed with how screwed up other people’s kids are, is there a right and a wrong way to parent and quite specifically what is God calling me to in my own personal journey as a parent.

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The most precious words you hear, especially the first time your child says them. Of course Annie wasn’t actually saying them directly to me, she was reading “Snuggle Puppy” but nevertheless she knows the words and will one day repeat them when I say them to her!


I don’t really have lots to say today but this picture definitely makes me grin. I know having girls will bring its challenges and I’m pretty sure this one will be high on the list. As many of my friends can attest to I LOVE to talk. A good phone conversation or a face to face over tea refreshes my soul. Clearly this little girl is after my heart:) I often catch Annie playing with the phone in my bedroom so on occasion I’ll just unplug the line and let her push the buttons and pretend to talk. The crazy thing is that it usually entertains her for at least 30-45 minutes. Oh the joys!

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