It’s been way too long since I’ve posted on my own, personal blog.  I had grand plans to blog every Tuesday and make it a “Teacher Tuesday” blog but the busyness of life as well as the intensity of the courses and my practicum just got the better and I had to prioritize.  As much as this avenue of outlet is important to me sometimes, we have to make sacrifices.

This past year has been amazing, overwhelming, crazy, fun, and a whole list of very descriptive words.  I wish I could say it was a breeze…that because it was where God placed me it was a snap but much like many other journeys we face in our life times it has been challenging.  Balancing family, school, activities, etc. is an interesting  task!  Thankfully that task was made simpler by an amazing husband who chose to move his career in the direction of a new business and home office to accommodate my workload (and yes starting your own business adds a very interesting dynamic to an already crazy year).  Plus two great sets of grandparents who are extremely dedicated to being a part of their grandchildren’s lives AND some amazing friends who have stood in the gap so many times!  Without all these phenomenal people in my life this year would have looked very different.

During the last few months there have been so many “ah-ha” moments for me!  Some as an educator, some as a parent, some as a wife but each contributing to the expansion of my pool of knowledge.  My course work has given me tools to move forward in the dream of becoming a teacher and I can honestly say that I feel equipped in a way I never was before to face the world of unit planning, lesson planning, classroom management, assessment, and so on and so forth.  I have felt fulfillment in my life in so many ways and this year is just one more opportunity to say that I know this is where I’m supposed to be.  Despite the challenges of discovering who I may be in a classroom I walked away feeling confident and certain that God has gifted me to face this new adventure.

As a parent I wouldn’t say I’ve changed but I think that I have a deeper understanding of how my children are affected at school.  I know that the mornings I send them to school rushed and busy, frustrated and disappointed or angry does impact how they function.  It’s not a guilt trip and it’s unlikely that it will never happen again but it makes me want to ensure I help them start their day off right AND it helps me know that when they come home from those days and the report isn’t necessarily good that I should really have more grace for the attitude because there’s no telling what else they may have faced in the day.

As a wife, this year has helped me to appreciate my husband more.  To recognize the love we share is deeper and more certain than it was when we were newlyweds and that he is, in fact, my partner in all aspects of life.  It’s helped me to appreciate his commitment to his family, to me and to our children.  To see how much he is willing to lay on the line to provide and the risks he will take to ensure his presence in our lives.  And most importantly, to see myself through his eyes.  To feel the pride and love he has for me and my accomplishments and recognize that they are as much his as they are mine.

In the weeks to come as I wrap up the last semester of my coursework, apply for my actual certificate, wait patiently (or not so patiently) to hear word regarding employment with my local school district and cross the stage to receive my diploma, I know that I can walk away feeling good.  No matter what the future holds I am walking a path designed uniquely for me, with the people placed by my side to encourage, bless and challenge me.  I am thankful for the tears of frustration, the knots in my stomach, the not-so-great exchanges that have led to laughter, confidence and deep conversations to build and shape me for this next leg of the journey.

I know there will be many more to share, moments of questioning, silly stories, fun adventures, deep pondering and reflection.  But for this moment in time I will rest and soak up the accomplishment thus far.  I will celebrate the victory that it is and look forward to the next challenge.




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