James is diligently working on a new blog site for me, which I am VERY excited about for two reasons.  One, because it’s going to be new and pretty.  Two, because my man is using his talents and what he does for a living to make something unique and special for me!  So when things are completely up and running I’ll let you know where to find me.

Digital Life
As part of this transition I’m going to add a new feature to my blog.  A weekly instalment from one of my kiddos.  James and I have been talking about ways we can help the kids engage with media beyond the usual video games and movies and begin to understand how it works on a deeper level.  It also gives them an outlet for sharing who they are, what they love and just basically helps them on the path to becoming responsible, digital citizens.  As an aside, it gives you a break from hearing me too!  I can’t promise that it will be amazing, and I can’t guarantee they’ll enjoy doing it but we’ll give it a try.  Some days might just be a plethora of pictures they share, we’ll see how it all pans out.  Anyway, enjoy the first instalment written by Jake.

Favorite Things
Pogs…hockey…soccer…baseball!  These are a few of my favourite things.  Pogs are one of my favourite things!! I bring them to school.  Does anyone know what pogs are?  What you do is take 1

and try and flip another. You can choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 flip. Hockey……… I love hockey. Its my 2nd favourite sport. Problaby everyone knows what Hockey is. Am I right? My favourite team is the 

Vancouver Canucks! Soccer……. My 3rd favourite sport. I have a game of Fifa 12, but I still like it. Who likes soccer? My favourite teams are Arensal and Van. Whitecaps! Baseball……….. Baseball is my 1st favourite sport! I play baseball. I love it, I love it, I love it! Anyone else like it!

One thought on “Life with Jake!

  1. Oh, to have the talent to custom design a website! You are a lucky girl. Can’t wait to see it!

    And Jake, guess what? I know what Pogs, hockey, soccer AND baseball are!

    p.s. the Canucks are my favourite too 🙂

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