Annie has always been a bit of a character. Not sure if it’s because she’s the baby of the family (although the most recent book I’ve picked up assures me that has something to do with it) or if her personality is just so incredibly unique and charming.

Either way this video is a clear indication of the fun and laughter she has brought to our household since the day she was born. I would love to show this video on her wedding day or at the very least save it for some special occasion when she’s older, not to embarrass her but to give her a sense of how much fun we had with her as a child.

Many of you have already enjoyed this so it’s mostly for my benefit to remain in the journaling I do to be able to go back and be reminded of days in my past. Either to laugh or to reflect on how blessed I really am:)

One thought on “Crazy, silly

  1. O MY GOODNESS! That is SO awesome and hilarious!!! It’s these awesomely fun/funny moments that keep us Mom’s going during the less fun moments, eh? Thanks for making me smile after one of ‘those mornings’ with my own kids!

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