Some would say that rainy afternoons are so frustrating and depressing, especially at the end of summer. I would agree some days but other times I find the drizzle leads to a quiet, relaxed afternoon. Today is definitely one of those.

We did brave the weather this morning to spend two hours on the sidelines of the football field cheering Sam’s team on. Most of you know that Sam is an avid athlete and that he has tried his hand at football before. The first year he played he was 7, they practiced three times a week for three months and then for the season (which is 2-3 months long) they practiced twice a week and played one game a week. We were ALL overwhelmed to say the least. Sam was done by the end of the season and a little disillusioned with the prospect of doing that again. As his parents we felt he needed the freedom to choose his sport and as a result he decided he wanted to take a break from sport for the following fall. We agreed but with the knowledge that he would take up some sport again fall of this year. Originally we registered him for roller hockey with a group of several good friends. Unfortunately the amount of interest was limited and was therefore cancelled. We briefly discussed other options and Sam came to the conclusion that football was the best opportunity for him. He did miss most of the preseason conditioning which is good and bad…good because it’s a lot for these young boys but unfortunate because he would have to accept that he would likely not play much the first part of the season to “earn” his spot on the team!

Fast-foward to Saturday…Sam has transitioned to offensive line (not exactly sure what you would call his position but it’s basically a running back) and kicker. His first game of the season he managed to kick 5 of 6 conversion kicks (for those who are not football savvy this is a kick through the uprights after a touchdown) which in this league are scored at 2 points each because it’s apparently more difficult than running a conversion through the endzone. Then this morning he managed 7 of 8 conversion kicks AND he scored a touchdown. Most of my friends know that I’m not a loud, aggressive mom, although I do cheer for him and the rest of his teammates, mostly I sit back and watch as many other parents wonder who this kid is! I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the sidelines hearing comments about the abilities of my son (all of which have been gifted to him from our amazing Creator). My heart is filled with pride (not the kind that leads to our downfall, but the kind I imagine my God feels for me when I achieve great things that he created me for) as I watch him work hard to do his best and have fun. However, what I feel the most inspiration from is seeing him walk of the field without pretense or boastfulness. His main concern being welcoming his many supporters (namely me, his siblings, his grandparents and a variety of uncles and aunts that manage to attend) and thanking them for coming. It doesn’t always come out in so many words but always in the attitude he displays after his game. I know that pridefulness can creep in at any moment and I do not pretend to assume that we will never have to deal with this but I do appreciate that at least we have a foundation to work from. That his heart is not already full of boastfulness and pride will hopefully make our job, as his parents, that much easier as we seek to fulfill the desire of our hearts to raise godly, humble children whom achieve because they know they want to do their best and use the skills they’ve been given in an honorable manner!

Here are a few pictures taken by one of the other football moms of Sam doing what he does.

3 thoughts on “A rainy afternoon!

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