So the third myth that Fields states in her book is that “Parenting is your highest calling”!!! Who doesn’t enter parenthood thinking this is true and yet as a young mom I’ve often felt the shrivelling in my spirit as I think of what happens if I fail at this task. In reading this book I understand how as individuals, regardless of our earthly role, we are called to something much greater than this…”If I pursue God first as my highest calling and am satisfied in his love, then I am freed not to love my children less but to love them rightly.” (p. 73) WOW…a huge eye opener in understanding that and knowing how I have failed at that call more often than I’ve failed in the call of being a mother.

On page 66 she states, “our greatest and most constant temptation as parents is to unseat the Sovereign from his throne and replace him with our family”. How many times have I put my family before my faith and my personal relationship with my own Creator. Matthew 10:37 (New International Version) says this:

37″Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me;

I see now how my motherly eyes have been blinded to believe that by placing more emphasis on my role as a parent rather than as a child of God, I have actually done my children a disservice. I have limited my communion with the Holy Spirit which in turn limits my ability to be the kind of parent God is capable of making me.

What I feel challenged by in this chapter is this…I must be willing to serve my husband and my children because they are who God has blessed me with but when I feel the Spirit leading in a direction somewhat contradictory to this area of service I must follow to experience the greater purpose God has for my life. By not following I miss out on the great blessing he has for me and jeopardize the greater purpose he may intend for my family!

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