I know I’ve said this more times than I can count but the blessings I have received and my children have received from relationships in our extended family are far too numerous to count. Having both sets of parents and siblings so close by does not come without it’s challenges but I have to say that I would not trade the great bonds being developed for any amount of distance on this earth. Maybe that sounds sappy to some and to others nearly impossible to fathom. I understand that every family comes with baggage and frustrations but for the most part James and I try to overlook these areas and focus on the positive aspects.

The other night Tim and Amber invited themselves for dinner and proceeded to arrive amidst the chaos that we call “home”. Sam and Jake both had friends over for a playdate and both friends were kids that have always felt very comfortable in our home. The moment “Uncle” Tim arrived all four of the boys were ready and willing to grab a leg, arm, armpit, etc. anything that would engage Tim in a wrestling match. For those who don’t know my brother, he is a 6’4″ police officer who is more than ready for a take-down at a moment’s notice. Much fun was had by all the boys and they all left the room with red, sweaty faces (Tim was no exception).

Now the thing I love most about Tim is that he is fun-loving and extremely easy-going about almost anything. But when it comes to playing with his nieces and nephews he is downright serious about tiring them out. All my brothers are actually pretty good that way but Tim definitely took the cake with his creativity on this particular activity. After dinner my four kids asked for another wrestling match and Tim obliged.

Following is a video of our very own “Canadian, Junior bobsledding team”. It was a good laugh for me!

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