So Jake has always been our clown. He loves to make us all laugh and he is rather good at it (he’s also very good at making me want to pull out my hair when he’s whiny)! Anyway, these video clips are of his preschool fieldtrip to a local dance studio to do some “dance”. For anyone who knows Jake they know he LOVES to dance, break dance, hip hop, etc, basically anything that requires a little bit of body movement. We are thinking of enrolling him in a hip hop boys class. So these are for your enjoyment.

Finally here is a little clip of his preschool graduation. I can’t believe he starts kindergarten next year. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to give him up yet. Of all my kids he’s my most affectionate (so far, I guess we’ll see what Annie is like). He loves wholeheartedly and has no problem showing his feelings. Thankfully I have one more year of having him home half days because I think I’ll need a gradual transition to having him gone all day.

And one last one of Annie doing her army crawl. She is such a happy baby, the last few days she’s been kind of grumpy but she’s teething so we gotta give her grace for that. Other than that she’s super content and such a joy to have in our family. The kids love her dearly and dote on her constantly. In my family my brothers and I always joked about how spoiled our baby brother was but as a mom I watch my three older kids with their baby sister and I know it’s inevitable that little Annie will always have our hearts.

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