So as many of you have already acknowledged I celebrated my 30th birthday today!! Wow just saying those words makes me feel a little bit older. Thanks to my wonderful children, a great husband and fabulous parents, I did in fact feel like today was a special day. Despite being woken up at 5:30 by my beautiful daughter the day got off to a good start. Sam woke up at 6:30 and realizing I did not want my day to start with a fight I let him go about his business. Good choice mom! He popped into my room at 7:00 to see if I was awake and give me my birthday present. He’d wrapped it in a gift bag and made a special card, which he signed from him and Jake. It turned out he’d picked out a beautiful blouse for me when shopping with my mom a couple of weekends ago. She had no clue he was up to that until they met at the till (it was a small store) and he brought along the desired shirt. Mom warned me that I might not like it but as it turns out my 7 year old son has amazing fashion taste! He wanted me to wear it all day but between walking the kids to school and doing laundry I figured I’d save it. I changed my mind as the day wore on thinking how special it was that he wanted to give me something. I got all “dressed” up for dinner and then ended the day with a Dairy Queen ice cream cake donned with the numbers “29”! Smart man, that husband of mine, I have now entered the years of being perpetually 29.

All that to say that 30 isn’t so bad, at least not so far. I had a moment today realizing that I have four beautiful children, I’m done having babies, pretty soon I’ll need to start thinking about a career and my children are growing too fast! But overall I just realized that there is nothing in my life I regret, nothing in my life I wished I’d already done and knowing there are so many more, good years ahead of me. God has blessed me with a great family, both immediate and extended, and many, many great friends. What more could a 30 year old girl ask for?

4 thoughts on “Turning 30!!!

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