Okay so as promised here are the pictures of my little lady’s first birthday. We had fun opening the little girly things (many of which she is still too young for but none of us could resist the typical girl toys). I enjoyed making her cake and it turned out pretty good (mostly in looks but I’m workin’ on the taste). We had a pretty typical one year old birthday party with few children and way too many adults but our families enjoyed the time together.

She wasn’t really sure what to do with the gifts at first so she just started by carrying them around.

This little outfit was picked up by my sister-in-laws! I love it with the longer sweater and sweet little boots. And the Cabbage Patch doll that James and I spent a good 45 minutes picking out. It had to be just the right one (not bald, no teeth so it didn’t look like a chipmunk, cool clothes, etc).

This gift was from James’ grandparents. His grandmother decided every little girl with big brothers needed a bathrobe. This was confirmed the night they were visiting and all three kids came zooming out of their bathtime stark naked.

Of course Lanae’s first birthday party would not have been complete without my daddy being able to attend since he’s only home one weekend of every month.

So for the sappy things that Miss Christa is usually so good at posting on her blog about her children on their birthdays!!

I have to say that having a “baby” girl is really not that different than having a boy aside from the obvious physical differences. It’s only in the last few months that I’ve begun to notice the different character traits in Lanae that I would not likely find in either of my boys. She is quicker with many things including walking, sign language, understanding, etc. She also “speaks” differently. With a much higher voice, a lot more cooing and singing sounds than grunting and heaving. Her hair is longer than her brothers was and her features are much more feminine. I have yet to really observe personality traits that are a direct result of her hormonal makeup. She is very tough like her big brother Sam and little seems to phase her physically. She is already very outspoken and seems intent on sharing her opinion quite regularly, not unlike her other big brother, Jake.

I think the biggest difference I’ve observed is in the sweet tenderness that emerges on a more regular basis from my husband and two sons. They are all so gentle and loving towards her and care if she is hurt or upset (not to say the boys don’t take the opportunity to tackle her every now and then). It is wonderful to see the kindness they show her and how it often extends to me as they begin to understand the world of females through the eyes of a little girl.

I know Lanae has been a blessing to our family in so many ways and will continue to bring a unique perspective and dynamic to our family that I cherish so much. Being able to experience being a mommy is amazing but being able to share the joys of raising boys AND girls is an unspeakable gift that I will continually praise God for.

5 thoughts on “My one year old beauty

  1. As a mommy to two little guys, I can understand what a blessing it must be to have your husband and sons start to see the world “through the eyes of a little girl.” Maybe one day we’ll have another, but right now I have my hands full! Love reading your blog.

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