So since Spring has arrived in full swing I feel like I only have a few minutes in a day to catch my breath. Although I am absolutely loving this stage of life with my children I can’t begin to describe how all-consuming it is. Those of you who have children understand and those of you who have yet to experience this joy will find it fully captivating when the time comes. I love that Sam is learning so much at school and getting involved in extra curricular activities. He started T-ball in May and although it’s not as “intense” as he might appreciate he is learning the art of sportsmanship. Jake thoroughly enjoys attending Sam’s t-ball games and always wants to wear his hat and shirt as well. Often he does the “base race” with Sam when the teams have finished their game and I have to say he’s quite the little mascot. Sam will also be starting soccer soon which I imagine will be tough for Jake to watch and not participate but his turn will come soon enough. Having said that they both have a pair of soccer cleats since Grandma & Grandpa were gracious enough to supply Sam with a small pair when he was 4 that now fit Jake and buy a pair for Sam this coming season for his 6th birthday.

Jake is also in swimming lessons but I have yet to capture his moments of glory on camera so I’ll be sure to post them when I do.

One of the boys all-time favorite things about this time of year is that they get to spend hours outside in the front playing street hockey with friends. James and I purchased a goalie mask for Sam’s birthday to complete Sam’s ensemble of goalie equipment and it is a definite hit with all the little boys.

Aaaaahhh, life is so good right now and I am truly cherishing every bit of it.

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